Buying Guide for Affordable Trail Cameras

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Affordable Trail Cameras

Hunting is an activity that is almost as old as humanity itself. More specifically, people have hunted animals for survival for thousands of years. However, hunting techniques and tools have changed over the years. Humans stopped using spears a long time ago. Today, people use guns, trail cameras, and traps among other tools of this trade.

Unfortunately, finding the best gear possible is difficult. For example, you might find a trail camera that has great quality, but it may be expensive. At other times, you might find a cheap one with poor quality. The best thing to do is to turn to a guide on these gadgets that takes their price and quality into account. Here is a buying guide for affordable trail cameras. Use it so that you can choose a low-cost camera with great functionality.

1. The D5X from Wild Game Innovations

Buying Guide for Affordable Trail CamerasThis trail camera retails at only $39.99 making it one of the most affordable cameras of its kind. It can take still photos with a resolution of 5MP, which means you will see the pictures it takes clearly. The D5X can also take videos of its surroundings. The display resolution for such videos is 320×240 pixels. That is a reasonable resolution for such a low price. The format for the pictures and videos is JPEG and AVI respectively. This trail camera comes with a small internal memory of only 32 MB. Therefore, purchasing a micro SD card to store your pictures and videos would be a good idea. Finally, the D5X is a dual flash camera with both infrared and strobe flash.

2. The Scouting Camera from Stealth Cam

Buying Guide for Affordable Trail CamerasStealth Cam, based in Grand Prairie, Texas, manufactured this camera for functionality and durability. For example, this camera has 6.0MP meaning that it has a higher resolution than the D5X from Wild Game Innovations. However, the price on it reflects this higher level of quality. More specifically, it costs $57.50, which is $17.51 higher than the D5X.

Another important feature it has is 12 infrared emitters that can cover 50 feet of its surroundings. This hunting  Camera also has a time and date stamp in addition to one focusing on the phases of the moon. Moreover, it comes with a low-battery indicator so you can change its settings or replace the battery before it runs out of power. Finally, this Scouting Camera has a durable 3-D camouflage housing that will last for a long time.

3. The A-20 Mini Game Camera from Moultrie

Buying Guide for Affordable Trail CamerasReferred to as the Moultrie A-20, this trail camera has a display resolution of 12 MP, which is quite high for a low-priced camera. It only goes for $67.63. Additionally, it can take videos. These clips will have a resolution of 480 pixels. The flash technology on it includes long range infrared with a wavelength range of 850 nanometers. The range for this flash in terms of distance is 50 feet. Finally, the Moultrie A-20 has a trigger speed of less than a second meaning you would never miss any action within its surroundings. This camera is a good one for you to have if you can afford it.

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